Thursday, August 20, 2009

Challenges in life

I thought this is the life I wanted.But I'm wrong.....

What can I do?

Nothing.I can only take this as a challenge in life.
Stay focus and positive and go through every single day with a smile begining of the day and the end of it.

I miss home.I miss mum's cooking.I miss travelling.I miss college life.I miss getting up every in the afternoon and lepak until late at night.I miss working in Godiva.I miss looking out the shop and trying to impress every cute guys passing by. :P


Eventhough I got friends with me...lots of party and happy hours I sometimes do feel lonely.I guess I needed someone to be there for me.After all I'm still a girl who also need people to care and pampered along the way eventhough I'm strong or I looked strong to most of the people who know me but there's also time I feel like giving up,exhausted and weak.The question is who?and when? and am I ready?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It all passes so fast that I can't even catch up.....

It's already a month plus flying.It's not as glamorous as you can see.Tiring.There's one day,I said the most "sorry" in my life...not only "sorry" but to say something like "i know it's my mistake i know i'm careless,i'm so sorry".People who have known me..LOL they'll be laughing at me while saying "now you know how it feels!"

Been very emo lately.Feels life has become more and more meaningless these day.Till today I still don't know whether this is what I really want or not.Everyone seems so far away,everything.I feel loneliness deep inside.I miss home.So I take my 3 days off to go home. :)

Celebrated Mummy's Day.Is just so nice to be home.All the nice food..ahhh yummy!I brought mummy,popo,yiyi and jie to Capri and we talked for so long.They never stayed up so late before especially in Sitiawan except for jie of course.Went to Pangkor Island with jie the next day to meet my long time no see friend and of course sun bathing...I just love the beach so much but! i lost my newly-original-headphones....arggghhh!!!!!!!!!!

I've been missing a lot of things lately;
first my zebra SEw900 phone and my first-time-using-my own-money-to-buy phone,
second RM70 (i think i dropped it),
third the other day when i get my digi RM10 reload from the atm,i accidently throw the receipt with the reload number on it and only realize it the next day,
and forth my headphones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

am I careless or is just plain bad luck?Damn!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lucky me

Two more weeks to final exam and I can fly!!!only if I pass the exams and the passing mark is 90/100.

Sigh...that girl that I mention on my previous post.She got no choice but to drop batch.How sad we was when she told us that before we went for our aircraft visit.She's a very cute and friendly girl and kind and fun too.Even though we aged the same,I feel like I'm a big sister to her.Or maybe is just me,I felt that I got this bond with her albeit we only know each other for about one and a half month or so.

Today class started at 1115am and I was late for 15mins because there was a massive jam while on the way to KL Sentral.But when I reached,luckily the class was about to start and the instructor didn't notice me if not I'll get my 3rd explanation letter.We had role play and shouting command for today.It was fun.But I didn't get to shout :( cos we got not enough time and Friday is our Door Drill.I'm thinking where can I practice my apartment?no way!!later the whole block also come out and thinks that I'm crazy or something...Geez no way man!

Counting down to 2 more days to my dear babe 21st birthday!I can't wait babe!Let's party!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Today after class,as usual Melly will fetch me and Xanielle to LCCT to take bus to KL Sentral.We passed by the arrival hall and saw a Proton Perdana decorated with colourful wedding ribbons and there stand a gentlemen holding a bouquet of red roses standing infront of the car waiting impatiently for his bride-to-be.He's going to propose.How sweet :)

That was just our assumption though...or its our fantasy?Well we may find out the answer and we might not.

So we head on to take our bus.When the bus take off,the nicely decorated with wedding ribbon car was just driving next to our bus.Haha...apparently the indian gentlemen who we saw holding the flowers was just a driver.The bride is a malay lady nicely dressed in her gold malay female traditional dress sitting next to her bride's mate at the back seat.

I felt a bit disappointed though.But it's still so sweet to even just think about the first thought we had though.

Friday, February 20, 2009


There's a few things happenned today which I experienced different kind of feelings altogether.Everything seems to be new to me...too many new things that I haven't finish digesting until now.It takes time.It all started like this;

For the first time,I can feel freedom is in the air surrounding me when I woke up this morning.Relieved I would say even though I never expect this will happen so soon.But I did felt a little disappointed and a little angry plus a little...well I don't know...

Today class was not too much to absorb.We got a lot of real life stories from our instructor today.It's really interesting working in aviation industry,it's fun.And there is ghost stories too.The last story before we dismiss the class is about people got possessed,something about people rare little ghost to protect their belongings and family etc. So one colleague/classmate of mine was asking more details about being possessed by the spirit because her sister was experiencing weird things when she hear people praying,she'll get very furious.Then the sister came(they joined AA together at the same batch somemore) and listen.The instructor told her to pray more and the instrustor admitted that she found her eyes very challenging everytime she looked at her.Then the sister suddenly kept quiet,her eyes turned still and never blinked looking at the instructor furiously then her sister grabbed her trying to calm her down by lying her down on the table.Her eyes still still and not blinking and her whole body was struggling as if she was fighting inside of her.With the help of other instructors and staff after half an hour or more trying to get the evil spirit out of her,they succeeded,with a loud screaming of pain when she's back to her ownselve.

I went home alone unfortunately trying get rid of her look that doesn't belongs to her.My hands were shaking earlier when they're in the midst of helping her,I helped too but I know I didn't helped that much because I don't know what to help,I felt so guilty.I faced difficulties in sleeping alone at night...Even though I've seen it with my own eyes,I still find it hard that this kinda things does exists and yes it does.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long time no see

To all my dear friends and readers,

There's a few reason why my blog has been frozen for so long;

1) my lappy got problem
2) the connection at my place got problem
3) 1 and a half months back I was busy working during the festive season
4) after that I got called from Air Asia to start training immediately
5) I need to wake up every morning at 530am to prepare for training and it finishes at 6pm Mon-Sat
6) few days after that I gotta prepare for my 21st birthday
7) usually after training I'll go shopping for CNY
8) ....CNY...
9) came back from Sitiawan for training on the 2nd day of CNY *how sad :'(
10) went back again on the weekends coz Saturday no class
11) came back feeling extremely tired and yet still have to wake up early in the morning to go for training,walk also floating then after training went house visiting and house warming,gambled lost rm150 then went to another friend's house...nearly fainted
12) sent lappy to repair so that's why now I can online :)

There's more to be updated but I gotta sleep now.SO stay tuned!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Recent Happenings

A lot a lot of things happened recently.I don't know where should I start from.
Hmmm..let's imagine getting drunk on Monday night,you going to open shop the next morning,in an event where all your colleagues is there.Well I went to my company director's RM2mil wedding at Shangri-La Hotel.The night when we went is the forth wedding dinner,they got 5 receptions all together.After dinner and champagnes,we went to Pulse @ Grand Millenium Hotel,free flow babe!

Two days after that I got sick.

Thursday I went to Zouk Relaunch Party.Got invites for that.Thanks to baby.I didn't enjoyed much anyway.Not enough boost coz the free flow is only until 11pm and there's thousand of people queuing up for it and I didn't wanted to drink also coz I'm still having my fever.

Woke up quite late the next day.Went KLCC for my colleague's farewell.The actual plan is actually Chillis then we have to change to Chinoz.Chinoz is really nostalgic to me,how I wish I can turn back time.After a tower of beer,we changed to Quattro.Then I bump into Wei Kong celebrating his belated birthday with his friends,sitting just right behind of me.6 of us had loads of fun there including my assistant manager.It was usual. mum finally got a new camera! what's mum=mine...hahahahahaha